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Bushi Beard Co. Beard Comb

Beard Comb

Afl. 40.00

Product Details

These are handcrafted beard combs made from reclaimed Kwihi wood. This is the original version of our Bushi Beard Comb, it has a thick body which we've found to help glide through you beard easier and with less drag. Each comb is individually cut from salvaged solid Kwihi wood, then fine sanded/filed smooth by hand, and finally it is soaked in Lime-oil to preserve its fine craftsmanship and to prevent it from breaking. This treatment lets the comb be ultra smooth on your face and in the beard. These beard combs are handmade by Aruban artist/designer Roland Hart. Because of natural variations in Kwihi wood, the comb you purchase may differ slightly from the picture.